A+ Green Commercial Building, Inc.

by Lyanna Saito, Ashley Martin, Maddie Davis, John Dickson


  • Contractors and sub-contractors
  • Companies looking to build office buildings


  • Create business opportunities
  • Identify expanding business and locations where new buildings to be built
  • Build brand recognition among corporate world


  • Provide information on where the company is with their projects
  • Explain how we’re being “green”
  • Provide information on new technology and ideas being used
  • Show completed projects


  • Create building blogs with pictures
  • Information on how projects are progressing
  • Create time lapse videos of projects
  • Create videos explaining how we are building a “green” project
  • Articles on how to be “green”


  • Blogs
    • Have 12 blogs, one for each project
    • Provide as much information on each project
  • Flickr
    • Pictures from job sites and completed work
  • Youtube
    • Interviews with experts and builders
    • Tour of completed projects
    • Customer feedback from work
  • Facebook
    • 3rd party information on being “green”
    • Short updates on projects

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