Schneider Electric Energy University


A company desiring to keep their audience well-informed, Schneider Electric has a colorful presence on the web and a trusted presence as a brand in a battlefield of energy companies. As a well-established brand, they provide countless services and products for a number of areas pertaining to energy.

The company had a revenue of 24 billion euros in 2012. Its market includes schools, developers, design firms, waste treatment plants, contractors, DIY superstores…most things that you could name needing energy supplied for them.


Energy University stems out of Schneider Electric as an educational program that can certify you for two energy-related positions. In May 2013, over 350,000 people were registered and taking courses online.

What Energy University has learned through their educational program?

1. Educating people is more efficient. You save time and money when people have access to resources that answer their own questions instead of them having to ask you

2. Keep your information concise and make the most of the attention you get. Create videos and fun info graphics to keep people engaged

3. Tie the educational program into the company so that you’re continuing to market

Their goal is to provide a free educational experience to aid one in helping “to identify, implement, and monitor efficiency improvements within your organization” (emphasis added). In connecting to new and current users, they effectively use the following content and social media marketing platforms:

LinkedIn: a closed group, close to 9,000 members. Used to further professional development and facilitate conversations about energy awareness.

Blog: Their blog is used to point people back to the roots of the company primarily in offering solutions and suggesting conversation starters for one’s company.

Twitter: 21,000 followers on the main company’s twitter account. The energy university does not have it’s own twitter account. They tweet about 10 times a day with links to pictures, articles, advice and redirect people to their website.

Facebook: 134,000 people like the Facebook page. They post colorful info graphics and pictures to interact with users.

YouTube: 3,700 subscribers. Wonderful account highlighting the multiple facets that the company covers with exciting, informative videos and content.

Their content marketing is extremely visually appealing. They create info graphics to convey their stats and explain processes and they utilize video to update their different audiences on news, for support and for resource purposes.

Slideshare of Schneider Electric background

Schneider Electric Who We Are TV 


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