REI – Madison Miles

A company with a small start in the 1930s has now grown into a large company with 3.5 million active members and multiple social media outlets with thousands of followers.

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is a outdoor item company that focuses the adventure of the outdoors. They offer a variety of products with ranging price tags.

They encourage members to explore all aspects of the outdoors through their social media. Through photos galleries on or videos on their YouTube account they show examples of other members travels and experiences.

Here are a few more quick facts from the REI newsroom website before I break down their social media outlets:

REI Quick Facts

  • Founded as member-owned co-op in 1938
  • REI stands for Recreational Equipment, Inc.
  • 131 stores in 33 states
  • 2012 revenues: $1.93 billion
  • $104.6 million in patronage refunds in 2012 to active members
  • 5.1 million active members
  • 11,000 employees
  • 17th on Fortune’s 2013 “100 Best Places to Work” list
  • Every store partners with conservation and recreation nonprofits

For more information on REI, click here.


YouTube – 8,887 subscribers // 78 videos

REI does a great job of incorporating all different levels of outdoor travel and exploring in their media. They have everything to the pro of the outdoors to newbies of the skill. Here is an example through their YouTube.

They post frequently, even multiple videos per day.

Instagram – 22,473 followers // 428 posts

REI’s Instagram media focuses on all of the places you can travel to. They don’t feature their products as much in this portion of their social media. They normally repost photographs from REI members.


Pinterest – 14,819 followers // 2,402 pins // 58 boards

REI’s Pinterest account focuses more on the products they have than any other social media outlet. Each board has a theme or an overall idea that directs the types of pins.


Twitter – 10,361 tweets // 171,405 followers

Commonality on Twitter is for members or customers to post photos of their purchases or travels. REI has reply engagement with all types of tweets on their timeline. They post about sales, event opportunities and new product highlights.

Facebook – 668,596 likes

Similar to Twitter with posts about community engagement and deals in store and online.

Flickr –  1,541 photos // 741 members

Mainly for REI members to post photos of themselves and their adventures outdoors.

-Madison Miles


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