Red Bull Media House


Rachael Headley

Red Bull Media House is a company that offers the ultimate “umbrella brand”, meaning that it offers opportunities for media partnering in just about every medium. According to their website,, they offer content in TV, mobile, digital, audio and print, with the intention of reaching a global audience.

Within these specific media outlets, Red Bull Media House has two subdivisions: Servus Media and Terra Mater Factual Studios. Servus is a subdivision based in German speaking regions and is available through a TV station as well as a magazine, focusing on traditional subject matter. Terra Mater produces feature films and documentaries focusing on science, nature, wildlife, and history.

One sub sect of Red Bull Media House is their “moving images format”. Under the heading of moving images are feature films, action features, moving image magazines, reality series, documentaries, shorts, and live broadcasts. Several outlets like the Red Bull Content Pool, Terra Mater and Servus are how these particular channels are utilized.

Another sub sect is photography. Red Bull Media House covers news photos, portraits of athletes, portraits of artists, photo spreads, sequence shots, and art photographs.

The next sub sect is music. Red Bull Media House does everything from producing music to curating it, and making it available to consumers through Red Bull Studios, Red Bull Music Academy Radio, and Red Bull Records.

The final sub sect of Red Bull Media House is news. Covering sports and cultural events, Red Bull is on the scene through video clips, texts, stories, photos and interviews.

One of the most successful promotions Red Bull has done is the Stratos project, also known as the “greatest jump in history”, where Felix Baumgartner jumped from space to land, breaking the sound barrier. A trailer for the upcoming documentary on the jump can be found at

Baumgartner broke the sound barrier on October 2012, when he became the fastest man in a free-fall reaching a speed of Mach 1.24, or 883.90 miles per hour when he jumped from the stratosphere (

To see a gallery of photos from the Stratos project click:

On, when searching “Red Bull Stratos Project” over 26,000 results appear. The video posted by Red Bull about the Stratos project has over 35 million views. Those views do not include the views of the other 26,000 videos available with the same tag. did a case study on Red Bull’s Stratos project and provided a graph showing the increase in subscribers to Red Bull’s youtube channel. The numbers jumped 87,801 subscribers in one day.


photo courtesy of

As far as Facebook goes, Red Bull’s Stratos Page ( was highly interactive with fans. On the day of the actual jump, there was over 900,000 interactions and over 83,000 shares (information courtesy of

Twitter did not gain quite the recognition that Facebook did. Where Red Bull’s Twitter didn’t see as much of a follower gain, the Twitter handle @redbullstratos received over 20,000 mentions over the course of two days (information courtesy of

Red Bull also utilized a blog for that particular project: This allowed Red Bull to connect with their consumers as well as share the specifics, pictures, and information about the jump and promotions to come as a result of the jump.



View the case study from here.

Other information courtesy of Red Bull’s website.


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