Motorola Solutions



           Motorola Solutions strives to assist people in being their absolute best in the moments that matter. They provide devices that enable firefighters and police officers to more efficiently do their job and connect businesses and personnel through communication networks, applications and services, by providing hand held devices that communicate real time information.

            Jennifer Mesenbrink took an editorial job with Motorola Solutions in 2009, one of her responsibilities being to oversee all social media content and posts. In a brief profile on, Mesenbrink says that’s where the “marketing” chapter of her life began.

Here, I’ve had the chance to write and edit, manage and grow a team, preside over the biggest web launch in the company’s history, manage 

the creation and publication of more than 300 blogs and helped build social media from the bottom up.

         And do that, she has. Now as the Senior Manager and Global Editor-in-Chief, she has built a very involvednetwork for the company. Motorola Solutions is very involved in all different types of social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+, specifically.

            The company’s mission is to help their customers be the best they can be, and I believe it shows through their social media posts. On Facebook and Twitter, posts are often. Posts on Facebook are typically self-promoting, featuring new apps, devices, or events that the company is involved with.

            The same thing occurs on Twitter, but it is mixed with retweets and replies to mentions. The company also has several twitters, based on area of focus, such as “@Motpublicsafety” which is the section focused on bettering devices for public safety officials. This twitter account is actually the most popular of the twitter handles, having a 1,000 or more followers and tweets than the others.

            On Youtube, Motorola Solutions posts multiple videos a week. The videos feature content ranging from newly developed products to event appearances and interviews; there are even tutorials.

            They recently celebrated the company’s 85th birthday, and posted many special things to celebrate. 85 tweets about their history were posted on their twitter, which was promoted on Facebook. This video from the CEO was also posted, in honor of the company.



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