Cleveland Clinic by Maddie Davis and John Dickson


Cleveland Clinic is a new face and a hot commodity in the world of social media. Like most companies in this day in age they are highly focused on their social media brand in the ever-changing world of technology. They’re involved in almost every social media platform including: FacebookYouTubeTwitterInstagram LinkedInPinterestGoogle+ and multiple mobile apps.

The Cleveland Clinic is considered one of the top four hospitals in the United States. Cleveland Clinic prides itself on not only competent care, but also a degree of compassion that is unrivaled among its counterparts. This is communicated very well across Cleveland Clinic’s world of social media.

On Facebook and Twitter, Cleveland Clinic posts often and is very involved in communication with other users. They often post links to articles they think users might find interesting. Another important facet of Cleveland Clinic is their consistency with posting across all platforms. For instance, if there is a post on arthritis on Facebook, there is normally one on twitter two. This creates a sense of united front within the company.

On YouTube, the Cleveland Clinic posts three or four videos a week. Cleveland Clinic’s Instagram is very similar to the YouTube. The instagram posts almost exclusively videos, creating the similarity. Most video posts focus on how to help a viewer in daily life. The videos are basic day-to-day health tips and information on new technology as well as new procedures. This fits in with their overall social media strategy to use their content as a service to users, and not a chance to solely talk about the company.

Here is Cleveland Clinic’s video that has received the most traction on social media:

The overall strategy of Cleveland Clinic’s social media campaign is to help the user in daily life. To provide information to the user that is going to be applicable to the user. They don’t seem too terribly concerned with using their posts to explicitly puff up their own brand. Amanda Todorovich, the Social Media Leader at Cleveland Clinic said this:

“I think the biggest lesson is that not all the so-called “rules” apply to every brand. It’s really important to stay true to who you are and develop a strategy that serves your customers”

This strategy is effective. It’s effective because it creates the feeling of relationship between the user and the Cleveland Clinic. Therefore the user is more likely to develop a sense of loyalty towards the company.


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