Chicken Thistle Farm- Mary Lyndal and Jenna


Chicken Thistle Farm Website


  • Based in Walworth, NY
  • “Fresh, healthy, local food raised the way nature intended, transparently, pasture to plate.”
  • They sell: chickens, eggs, pigs and turkeys as well as fresh veggies. Their goal is to raise the animals giving them a healthy life, not to bulk them up with hormones. They feed their animal’s natural food and strive to raise them in the right way.


  • The farm posts podcasts several times a month with varying topics about farm life and updates about the business.
  • Coopcast (Credit:


  • Chicken Thistle farm uses their blog several times per month to keep their customers updated with happenings around their farm. They also answer how to questions, for example, how to build a root cellar. Their blog creates online content so when people search for certain topics, they may be lead to the farm’s website for their search, thus generating exposure to the farm.


  • Coopcam is a live video of what is happening at the farm so anyone can see what the chickens are doing at different points of the day.


  • They have 1874 likes on Facebook and they consistently post almost everyday. They interact with the public by replying to posts regularly as well as keeping them updated with happenings around the farm. They not only post about the farm, but they share inserting articles and other relevant farm topics.


  • On Twitter, they have 482 followers and like on Facebook, they are very good about interacting with their customers. 


  • On their YouTube channel, they have 271 subscribers and have posted 30 videos. They focus on sharing glimpses of farm life and their animals. Their last post about the life of pigs has 602 views, so a good number of people are interested in seeing an insight into farm life.

Overall, the farm does an excellent job of interacting and talking to their customers through various social media platforms. They also create a good amount of relevant content on the internet that can lead potential customers to their website.


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