Alleè Creative- Halley Smith


Melissa Harrison is the powerhouse behind Allee Creative, a firm that helps small businesses create and understand content marketing.   With a background in business to business marketing, she has the expertise to share.  She’s spoken at numerous conferences about content marketing, and has been named one of the “36 Content Marketers Who Rock” by the Content Marketing Institute.  According to, she believes that businesses must adapt to what costumers want online.


The company, Allee Creative, describes itself as a “strategic communications consulting and design agency” according to its LinkedIn page, with headquarters in Minnesota.


Allee Creative consistently presents itself as a laid back, relaxed company who can still maturely develop your brand while also having fun.  Its Facebook page is topped by a cover photo that includes 5 women dressed in silly hats and boas.  The page seems focused on providing mostly social media related content, which makes sense considering the platform it would be received on.  All of the media outlets Allee Creative uses are very up to date, excluding the Youtube Channel.  The channel hasn’t been updated in over a year, and the videos are very low quality and dated.


Allee Creative looks like it excels in helping companies find a name for themselves and a separate identity to define themselves with. Allee Creative works with over 40 small businesses and companies, including Kraft Foods, Twin Cities Media Alliance and Artisan Salon and Spa.  Clients range from individuals to larger organizations.


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