Homework #5: Beneficial Blogging

When talking about online promotion for businesses or products, the topic of blog posts often falls to the wayside. However, as the case of Simplifilm demonstrates, blogs can be extremely effective in providing leads. In an interview with Beth Hayden on Copyblogger, Chris Johnson, co-founder of Simplifilm, advises bloggers to “create something of real value” and “work hard to figure out what need someone will have a month before they buy from you.” Using these principles, here are ways three hypothetical clients could provide useful blog content.

A)   Dancing Over Kyoto

A large part of the market for Dancing Over Kyoto might be those interested in traveling or Japanese culture. Blogging about traveling tips, a list of landmarks to visit (including personal images) and other similar posts would be useful to that market because it would provide information on their interests. Using alt text on the pictures, particularly if there aren’t a lot of photos of these places available online, might bring in additional users through image searches.

B)   Howard College of Arts & Sciences Student Recruitment

A good topic for Howard College of Arts & Sciences to blog about would be potential jobs one could get with various Arts & Sciences degrees. Their market would be potential students, and it would be useful to students looking into Arts & Sciences to see what they might be able to do with that degree.

C)   A swimming pool installation company that installs in-ground pools for middle- and upper-middle class homeowners

The swimming pool installation company could blog about the pros and cons of different types of in-ground pools. Their audience, those looking into installing a pool, would likely be searching for this information and might stumble across their blog in the process. Using Johnson’s advice, this is information that a customer would need before buying the services of the installation company.


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