Homework #5

1. Dancing Over Kyoto: The book reveals adventures and experiences in Asia through the author’s eyes. Richard Newton could create a blog post revealing the “must have” experiences for a trip such as his, discussing his unknown finds and biggest investments on the trip, so that future travelers will know how to wisely spend their money and their time. 

2. Howard College: Howard college should create a post with current students and recent graduates testimonials of successful jobs that they have found, thanks to the programs that the college offers. This would give prospective students encouragement to seek out more about the college program and convince them that they too could benefit from that schooling. 

3. Swimming Pool: The company could feature a post discussing the different ways to elegantly decorate a backyard, with the pool as the main focus. Many people use their pool and backyard as an entertainment center, and love for it to look appealing. The company could give tips on how the customer could accomplish this for a decent price. 


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