1. For Richard Newton’s book, he should create a blog where his fans (if any), friends and family can post reviews of his book. The blog can also be used for people to post their similar experiences. People like books that they can relate to in a way. He can also give away a copy of his book here and there to a follower if he so chooses.

2. The Brock School of Business can create a blog where alumni and faculty post their experiences with the school and maybe even advice to make the school better. People like their voices to be heard.

3. The swimming pool company can use the blog to target developing neighborhoods and real estate companies. I’m not sure if a blog can use keywords attached to their page, but if one were to search swimming pool installation, their blog could pop up on google. The company could post different types of pools and different styles to really personalize the customer experience. They then could ask satisfied customers to post testimonials on the page.


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