Nuggets: blogging for business

When pitching new ideas or boosting awareness of old ones, communication is key. What you say and how you say it will create a perception in the mind of potential customers, but how do you get potential customers to see or hear what you have to say? If it requires payment, is there something that can be offered up for free as a teaser to hook the target audience. Online spaces are becoming increasingly saturated with noise, requiring strategic placement of content to rise to the top.

Beth Hayden has a blog post about an a videography company that receives a lot of online traction because of two good blog posts. By following this model, I will attempt to brainstorm similar ideas for three potential clients.

  1. Dancing Over Kyoto: This is a book following one man’s experiences as he travels throughout his life to Japan, China, and India. The author could have a blog post targeting world travelers and include native words for conversation purposes, advice to explain the cultural formalities of life in these countries, or the ingredients inside common dishes. Addressing these things will help viewers feel more confident about traveling to these particular areas.
  2. Brock School of Business MBA Program: Reaching this type of student could be difficult because there are so many MBA programs around the world. Important topics to discuss would be how to network in professional settings, how to transfer skills from internship to innovation, or how to manage time when juggling full time jobs and night time graduate school.
  3. Swimming Pool Installations: For a company like this, one could post about the types of plants to use around the pool. The upper and middle class families are usually wanting to create an escape when installing a pool, a place for the family to have quality time; so this company could post about fun events to plan out by the pool.

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