Homework 5

A. Dancing Over Kyoto: I think the main use if free content could be just to post blogs about the culture he experienced, so when people are searching for the different culture types they will be linked to his blog and ultimately his book. Just a small story to get them interested in what the book may have to offer.

B. Brock School of Business MBA Program: I think a blog could best be used in the form of offering student testimonials, but they would have to make sure to include certain topics that may be commonly searched for on the internet. The end goal would be for them to read the blog and want to learn more about how they could gain the same experience, ultimately ending up at the MBA website. 

C. Swimming Pool Installation Company: For this company I think the best use of free content could be to have blog posts that showcase certain homes and the qualities that make each pool unique to that home. Then when people are searching for ideas for their own home they are lead to the blog with ideas and ultimately see the company that can create a unique swimming pool for them.


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