Homework #5

A.) Dancing Over Kyoto: I think Richard Newton could do several online discussions focused toward people who want to know deeper information about some topics in his books. He could also pictures on a blog explaining and discussing his experiences with each of the places he took the picture. In doing this, he can get closer to his readers who are interested in travel.

B.) Brock School of Business: Focusing on what the MBA program here has to offer is important and has to be done in a way to distinguish Samford from all other MBA programs. Brock School of Business could use a blog to show experiences with current students that are in the school to give perspective students an inside look at the program. They could also have discussions with students looking into Brock to find out what they are looking for in the program and what Samford can offer them.

C.) Swimming Pool Installation Company: For this company, I think they could use blog posts to show the middle to upper class homeowners nice features that could be offered with a pool installation such as an outside kitchen area or fireplace. Maybe posting pictures of really nice pool layouts and neat designs of pools onto the blog would attract these kind of people that are maybe interested in going beyond just a general pool.


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