Homework #5

A) Dancing Over Kyoto. I think that Richard Newton needs to capitalize on the fact that his book offers something many other books do not, and that is first hand experience in Asia. I think that he should seek out traveling blogs and post on there, that way he is going to his desired audience and creating buzz for the book on sites where people may be interested in the topic.

B) Howard College of Arts & Sciences. I think you have students at your disposal, so they should create a contest to create the best Samford video, and the winner gets their video for a campaign. This allows students to be able to connect with a bit younger peers and they’re more likely to create an effective campaign than 50 year old men who don’t know high school students. This option utilizes all weapons at the school’s disposal.

C) Swimming Pool Instillation Company. I think they should create a blog of customer reviews. Their market is higher end families, and this kind of demographic is going to want research before making a purchase and reviews go a long way winning over customers.



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