Homework #5

I think it’s impressive how Simplifilm has operated primarily through its blog–it proves that free content is equally as effective as paid content. 

A. Dancing Over Kyoto: I think pictures are the way to go in promoting the book. Richard Newton is attempting to promote across a wide demographic, which is very tough. By shifting his target audience to people interested in Asian culture (the book expands upon experiences in China, India and Japan) and adding images of his time in Asia, people with those interests will be more engaged. There is something about a picture that helps you experience the text on a deeper level. Also, I think Newton would also do well giving away the first chapter of his ebook for free. If it is engaging, his sales will most likely be successful. 

B. Howard College of Arts & Sciences: As a socialexaminer.com article explained the other day, people are more likely to invest in a product when they hear good reviews or get recommendations from friends. With this in mind, testimonials would be a great promotion tool for Howard College. Videos and feature stories are always good marketing tools for colleges. Because the top three majors in Howard College of Arts & Sciences are biology, JMC and psychology, students from these respective majors would most likely be filmed or interviewed. 

C. Provide instructions, FAQs, installation procedures, troubleshooting and pricing on the website for a swimming pool installation company. Give as much honest information as possible as to convince the reader of your reliability. 


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