#5: Homework

A. Richard Newton’s Kindle Book, Dancing Over Kyoto
Instead of targeting women 20-60, I think Richard would be more successful if he narrowed down his target audience to travelers, women’s book clubs, and possibly as teaching material. People who enjoy traveling probably would like seeing photos, so he could potentially do a photo map on his blog where readers could hover over a city or location and see Richard’s media from his visits. Teachers could even use this as an interactive tool in class.

B. Howard College of Arts & Sciences
I think it would be beneficial to see individual student stories told to promote student recruitment. Chris Johnson from Simplifilm mentioned the importance of creating things of value and reliability. I think students will best relate to other students who can honestly say “they’ve been in their shoes before”. The videos could be short stories from Samford Howard College of Art & Science students telling their journey to find their major and school.

C. A Swimming Pool Installation Company
In the blog, Chris Johnson mentioned that he used Twitter as an avenue to find customers who were having problems or needed a specific business. An in-ground pool installation company could use Twitter, or other social media sites, to locate middle-and upper-middle class homeowners interested in pools. Then if a client had a positive experience they could advertise back through social media. The company could also utilize traditional advertisement in areas that were middle-upper class homes.


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