#5: Homework Assignment

A. Dancing Over Kyoto:

Newton could post a blog post with a sneak preview of his book by offering the first chapter of “Dancing Over Kyoto” for free. In the Copyblogger.com post that we read for homework, the writer talked about how bloggers and content creators need to create something of real value that their audience needs. Offering the first chapter for free would be a great way for Newton to gain his audience’s trust, because they could try out the product before buying it.

B. Howard College of Arts & Sciences Recruitment:

Continuing with the idea of creating something that has value,  the school could post a blog that includes quotes from current students and alumni of Howard College of how being in that specific college has helped them to become successful and achieve their academic goals. If I were a prospective student, reading stories of real people who have been successful because of Howard College would definitely impact me. 

C. Swimming pool company: 

The swimming pool installation company could post a video blog that interviews real customers who have had positive experiences with their company. This would help to paint the picture for a prospective customer about the unique work that particular company does.

By Emma Crist 


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