Why Social Media?

All existing companies have a choice in this day and age as to whether they will embrace the technology that has been so freely given to them or stay in the so called “dark ages” of social marketing. Michel Brito makes a great point by saying YES social media is a great thing, but WHY should businesses be investing their time and money in this way of marketing that is so foreign to most people. Lack of understanding is the downfall for many businesses today when it comes to social media. They like simply creating a Twitter handle and posting a tweet every once in awhile makes them “relevant” when being “relevant” isn’t the big picture of social media.

Social media practices are resources! That’s what is so great about the evolution of technology, it allows for endless possibilities to reach a target audience, communicate thoughts, and actually have a real relationship with them. Relationships are key in a successful business and that is a big part of the WHY that Michel Brito so clearly points out. Social media should never be something one does just to do it. It should involve just as much strategy as each traditional marketing campaign. The purpose of each Tweet, Facebook post, blog post, etc. should be to utilize this amazing ability to communicate to a huge audience around the world and still make each person feel like the have a one-on-one connection with your business.


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