Take Aways from Michael Brito

When reading Michael Brito’s blog post, the opening sentence struck a nerve. The fact that for the most part, businesses have to be online and involved in social media if they want their company to remain afloat is incredible. Shockingly, five years ago this wasn’t the case. People were just starting to use social media religiously. I agree with Brito when he says their must be a reason why companies become social businesses. I saw a commercial the other day that I laughed at. This commercial was advertising heart monitors for seniors. At the end of the commercial, the spokesperson said “Like us on Facebook”. There aren’t many seniors on Facebook. It seemed like that part was added to the commercial because a great deal of companies are on Facebook. I can see reasons for Starbucks to be a social business, but not this particular company.

The paragraph about creating relevant content is spot on! I have grown up in a very impatient generation. We have the internet, social media and television to thank for this. Everything we have ever wanted has been at our fingertips and has been easily accessible for as long as we have been able to truly think for ourselves. If a company doesn’t make their point right away, and doesn’t make their information meaningful, we will lose our interest quickly. Being a social business can greatly help a company because on social media, a company has the ability to reach all sorts of potential consumers that they would not have had the chance to interact with otherwise. Being a social business can also hurt a company if not done right.


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