Homework #4: Social Business

The opening sentence of Michel Brito’s post regarding social business, is an obvious truth; businesses must adapt and change according to current marketing trends if they wish to stay competitive. Brito gives the most important insight to the reader when he admits his shortcomings in his past book that pushes social business for the sake of being a social business. Clearly, he felt so strongly about the importance of this information that he was willing to basically recall the position he stood in his last book. This adds to his credibility as an author, and an advisor to those looking to him for advice on how to be a social business.

Brito is correct in saying that we must always be aware of our purpose when working to become a social business. Any endeavor without an end goal is pointless and the business would not be able to reap the benefits of participating in the social points. Brito also makes an excellent point in saying that there are masses of content available to consumers, and that each business should find out what content they could produce that would be relevant to its own customers.

Generally, I think Brito is giving practical advice to his readers, that could easily be implemented into any social business program.


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