Homework #4: Social Business

In Michael Brito’s blog post, “Where Most Got Social Business All Wrong, Including Me,” he makes the statement that if any business wants to stay competitive and applicable they must become a social business. I agree with this that all businesses need to develop strategies for how they will implement social media practices. If there is no plan or vision, social media use for a business could become a waste of time and end poorly. I agree with Brito as he goes on to explain that using social media in a business strategically allows a specific message to be projected, integration of communities, and strong customer relationships to be formed.

Our society’s consumers have attention deficit due to the speed in which information is acquired through all medias. I thought it was fascinating that Brito pointed that out and furthermore, addressed that businesses must continue to create relevant content at a specific time, on a specific channel, and geared towards a specific customer. I believe businesses must start transforming their social media use by really thinking about who they are specifically directing a message towards.

Overall, I thought Brito had some great insight to the reasoning behind the need for social business transformation. I think that with all the new social opportunities and technology evolving, brands are going to have to start becoming more strategic and organized.


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