#4 Nuggets Assignment

By Madison Miles

The section of the article that stuck with me the most was a slide from the SlideShare deck about how we live in a multi-screen economy. Check out the SlideShare deck here. The more I discover about the impact of media, the more I realize how I am no different from the rest of the media consumers of the world. For example, right now I am typing on my laptop, checking Instagram on my phone, reading the article on my iPad and listening to the television in the background.

With all of our devices it is hard to stay focused on multiple screens. That’s why companies have to try even harder to stay on our minds and on our screens. They have to keep our attention and stay relevant in our unfocused minds. This can be difficult for companies that have not kept up with the social media world. They are going to have to work twice as hard to get with the times around them and stay relevant in our technology aged world. Companies that refuse or delay getting into the new age of technology are not helping themselves out at all. If anything they are allowing a gap between their customers and their products or services.


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