Social Business

Michel Brito’s blog post brought up some insightful thoughts about how businesses all need to be social businesses. He says, “In order for you to reach consumers with your value message, you need to manufacture an environment where you are creating, curating and aggregating relevant content – at the right time, in the right channel and to the right customer.” Most companies don’t know how to transition into being media-heavy; it’s unnatural for companies that may be internally focused or providing a service they don’t see promoted that much. Brito enforces the idea that in order for businesses to survive in our consumer society, they must plough ahead into the realm of media publicity.

One of Brito’s main arguments for companies needing to be aggressive and smart in their advertising is that our culture has a severe attention deficit because we are used to messages being thrown at us and screens monopolizing our time. Because we are constantly connected, companies must create messages that our eyes will be drawn to rather than glossed over.

Another thing that stuck out to me is the concept that every customer is influential. Yes, there are people known as “influencers” on social media, but by saying that every customer is influential, you communicate that every customer is also special and worth the company’s time. They’re not only influential because every person has a different network of friends, but because personal recommendations for products are incredibly effective.  Many businesses don’t realize the importance of being on social media, but it is crucial to how they interact with the audience they’re trying to reach.


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