Homework #4: Michel Brito Talks About Social Business

Michel Brito makes a great point about social business being that it is a complete waste of time for a company to do social business if they do not have a vision for it. Businesses do not need to spend time doing social media just for the fact that everyone else is doing it. If social business is something that will enhance a business, and something that they can get something out of, they should definitely spend time doing it with a clear plan in mind. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time for that company.

With that being said, Michel also goes on to say that every brand has to switch their views and start thinking and acting with a social media mindset. In doing this, businesses must create content in the social places of actual value. It has to be focused in the right direction and to the correct customer and must be consistent throughout all areas.

These are great points that Michel makes about social business and ideas that I think are key to a business distinguishing itself and excelling in today’s marketplace.


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