Assignment #4: Michael Brito on Social Business

Michael Brito addresses the topic of businesses adopting social media as a part of their long term business plan in his blog post, “Where Most Got Social Business All Wrong, Including Me.”  Brito explains that for companies to effectively grow and change with the times, they must include social media into their business plans.  However, companies must understand and know why they need to include social media as part of their long term business plan.

Companies need to create social business plans that will withstand time and change with the company.  By doing so, the company will create stronger content, marketing strategies, customer relationships and integrated communities.  Brito states, “companies must start thinking, acting and operating like a media company.” The reason being, in today’s society there is an abundance of content available and customers are unable to take in all that is being put out by companies.  To reach customers with their messages, companies must create a place where they are constantly creating and gathering content relevant to their business and customers.  




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