Assignment #4: Michael Brito on Social Business

In his blog post “Where Most Got Social Business All Wrong, Including Me,” Michael Brito brings up several thought-provoking ideas. He points out that organizations in this day and age must be willing to adapt to the new world of social business in order to survive. However, Brito states that it is crucial that companies understand why they need to socialize their businesses first. The need to ask the question “why?” coincides with our recent class discussion. Before we jump onto our clients’ social media accounts and start posting Tweets and status updates, we must determine what our objectives, strategies and tactics will be.

In addition, I agree with Brito’s statement that companies today need to start thinking, acting and operating like a media company. With the onset of social media, there are more channels today than ever before to market a brand. Nevertheless, many companies are hesitant to transform their traditional ways of marketing and doing business. 

If Tom Forenski’s claim that “every company is a media company” is right, than the skills I am learning in my journalism classes can now be applied in a variety of different trades. To me, that’s exciting!


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