TUMBLR is an effortless blogging platform that is business-friendly and enticing for all to use.  According to the Mashable article “Should Your Small Business Join Tumblr?”, there are more than 60 million accounts worldwide and that number is continually growing.  It is no mistake that Tumblr has coined the term, “the Internet’s blog darling” because users are highly engaged and eager to interact with compelling content.  A Tumblr is easy to set up and customize, and one can start posting within minutes.

Tumblr’s goal is to make their site aestethicgally pleasing, user friendly, and easily support text, images, and videos from mobile phones, browsers or desktops.

According to the American Express: Open Forum article titled, “The Pros and Cons of Tumblr for Small Businesses,” there are definite reasons why businesses should or should not consider using a Tumblr.

1.  It’s User-Friendly

  • Clear dashboard
  • Simple to navigate
  • Mobile App: easy and clear

2. It’s More Social

  • Easy to interact with brand and engage users
  • Heavy on photos and videos as opposed to written content

3. It’s Categorized

  • Tag system
  • Personalized tag options so that the dashboard becomes tailored your interest

1. There’s a Lack of Analytics

  • No features for Tumblr specific analytics
  • You can sync Google Analytics to your tumblr

 2. It’s Unreliable

  • If the server goes down there is nothing that can be done
  • 2010 Tumblr experienced a 14 hour outage: but thankfully the company has increased its servers since then

3. There’s a Lack of Native Comment Functionality

  • No way to comment on an individual post

Tumblr is great for a simple, attractive product that can get up and running in an afternoon.  However, if you are willing to trade time for a little more freedom, then switching to a more sophisticated cite is the next option.


 1. J. Crew’s “770 Behind the Line”


  • Features products
  • Get to know the designers
  • Behind the scenes of photo shoots and events
  • Tips and tricks (beauty and style)

 2. The Today Show


  • Uses photos and videos to highlight feature stories
  • More entertainment than hard-hitting news
  • Very brief posts
  • Animals, fashion, food, strange news, “day in the life” stories

3. Milkmade Ice Cream’s “Adventures in Ice Cream”


  • Flavor of the Day
  • Story behind the flavors
  • Features ingredients through pictures
  • “Pics from the kitchen”
  • High quality photographs with brief descriptions

 4. Somebody’s Mother’s


  • Uses Tumblr as the company website
  • Posts pictures with links to recipes
  • Seasonal tips

5. Garrett Coyte Photography


  • Features no more than 6 photos per post
  • Most posts are just 1 photo

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