Google+ & StumbleUpon


for Business, Branding & Professional Success:
–Ads- can reach users all over the web to help the business drive conversions. Choose from text, image, and video formats to communicate the message wanted.                   –With the Placement Performance Report, businesses have visibility into where all their ads appear.


StumbleUpon: a highly personalized traffic website based on your interests that is served to you when you are actively looking for new sites to discover.

-Directing StumbleUpon traffic to your site: Figuring out the category that your business will fit into- food, clothing, travel, etc.
StumbleUpon traffic is generally much more gradual. In one particular example, Neil Patel explains that StumbleUpon drove 17,209 visitors to his site in 25 days.

-Sponsoring your site on StumbleUpon: 10 cents a visitor


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