6 Social Media Apps to Enhance Social Media Marketing

This article off of Social Media Examiner lists free mobile apps companies can use to “keep [their] business active on social media.”

#1. The first is Google Currents. Google Currents a one-stop place for information. It is also possible to see what is trending on the web.

google currents

#2. The next is Flipboard. Flipboard is “the ultimate app for finding content.” It allows you to connect all your social media “to not only share but also see what is happening on your connected social sites, giving you the ability to interact via the app.”

flipboard app

#3. The next is Plume. Plume allows you to manage several Twitter accounts. On Plume, you are able to “have auto hashtags and usernames that will save overuse, access to preview photos and the ability to add geo-locations.”

plume app

#4. The next app is Postling. Postling allows “you to create content that you can post directly from the app to your blog.”


postling app

#5. The fifth app is Buffer App. Buffer App allows businesses to share articles, photos, videos, status updates, etc. to various social networks. “Mixing up content helps you build a strong community.  Buffer keeps your social media marketing focused and consistent.”

buffer app

#6. Last, but not least, is the Facebook App. This article calls Facebook the must-have smartphone app.

facebook app

I found this article very interesting because I haven’t heard of the majority of these apps. I think it’s good information for people and businesses who want to go deeper into social media.


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