Chipotle and Social Media

Chipotle is a unique company with a unique marketing perspective. They do not spend millions of dollars on advertising like other fast food changes. Instead their marketing strategy reflects their business model- local, responsible and “with integrity.”

They used their first nationally aired ad in eighteen years at the Grammy’s this past year. Although there was no social media tag in the video, it blew up on twitter using #Grammys. Some people claimed the ad brought tears to their eyes and other said it stole the spotlight from the actual Grammy’s.

In an interview with Chipotle spokesperson Chris Arnold said the chose the Grammy Awards  “because we wanted to expose more people to it and thought the Grammy audience would appreciate it…Judging by the reaction, it has certainly made an impression on people.”

You may think this means that Chipotle lets their videos and product speak for themselves. That would be patently false. Chipotle is one of the most conversational companies in the world on social media.

They claim that almost everything calls for a response and respond to 83% of comments in 1 hour and 44 minutes making them the fourth quickest responder of restaurants according to research from Expion

You can very easily talk to Chipotle on Twitter or Facebook where they can be seen apologizing for a bad experience or responding to positive feedback from customers. 

For Chipotle it is not about trending or making millions of friends it is about continuing the customer experience and promoting their mission of “food with integrity” long after the customer leaves the store. 

Kudos to you Chipotle for keeping your food and your social media fresh. 


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