A look into the “Whole” Story- Hannah and Augusta

Whole Foods is a unique, organic grocery market that began as a small store in Austin, Texas and has now expanded to over 310 stores world wide, with 22 new stores opening in 2012.

Whole Food’s is a grocery store company that appears to have it all together when it comes to their social media.

The social media pertaining to Whole Foods is unique in that Whole Foods is a regional corporation but also the down the street market for many.  Therefore, Whole Foods has its headquarter pages as well as a page for its local grocery stores. For the purpose of our class project, Augusta and I will center our focus on the Whole Foods Market Mountain Brook, AL and the original Whole Foods Market.

Whole Foods Webpage

Whole Foods is involved with a variety of social media outlets including









Whole Foods Market Mountain Brook, AL


-Basic info on page: Phone number, Directions, Hours, Photos


1. One time today: About job openings in the store

2. About: Advertising events and promotional deals, Recipe ideas

3. Very visual: most of the posts include large photos and few words

*Low activity on the local Whole Foods Page: There will be about 1 post that comes on average every other day

Whole Foods Market


-Posts come every day and occur about 2-3 times per/day


1. Recipe ideas, pictures,

2. Great because the posts are time specifc: meaning around Labor Day many of the posts pertained to Labor Day and incorporated “grilling out” ideas

3. Fall= Football season- and the most recent post is a recipe for baked beans for your next tailgating party

*The facebook page succeeds in taking a large business with over a million followers and makes it feel personal.  They are updating it consistently and writing posts that pertain to the average person.  From back school lunch ideas to fun and unique recipes, Whole Foods Market makes it their goal to post fun and healthy recipes for the American families.


            We decided to look closely at both the Whole Foods headquarters’ Twitter account, (@Wholefoods) and the local Whole Foods Mountain Brook account, (@Wholefoodsbham.)


  • Has 2,954,439 followers
  • Is following over 500,000 people.
  • Has tweeted 36,930 times since
  • They tweet almost every hour. Subjects include: healthy living, recipe ideas, tailgate food, discounts and sales, and current campaigns.


  • Has 5,219 followers
  • Follows 2,102 people
  • Has tweeted 847 times
  • They tweet about once a day, with similar topics to the main twitter page, including: information on local farmers, current sales, local events, and discounted food items served at particular times during the day.

Both of these twitter accounts have effectively used their sites to communicate to their customers. Both accounts follow a large number of their followers and respond to followers who comment or directly tweet to either account.


-45 Boards

-1,023 Pins


Ranging from “Who want’s dinner,” “Sweet Tooth,” “The fabulousness of fall,” to “Great garden recipes”

Pinterest is all about the pictures and what better way to relay recipe ideas and fun foods from Whole Food’s Market than with photos.

Whole Foods pinterest has succeeded in covering the sweet, the savory, and the eco friendly ideas.  I could potentially see their Pinterest page replacing many cookbooks in the future, because now the customer is simply a click away from recipes and pictures to some of Whole Food’s favorite food ideas.


  • Following 780 people
  • 385 photos posted

The Whole Foods Instagram account is stocked with artistic photos of delectable foods that will make your mouth water. There are also photos posted of interesting and beautiful sites, such as; a picture of a boat with “Happy Labor Day!” along with witty sayings, flowers, and local shots of Austin, Texas (where the Headquarters is located.) This social media account is successful due to its overall image. It’s artsy, hip, and new, and this is attracting a lot of viewers. By flipping through the pictures, you would think this is the Instagram account of a young “hipster,” not a major organic grocery store. The personal touch is what makes this site so successful.

On the whole foods official website, you can access all of these social media sites. They have incorporated a social media “deck” on their site that shows their most recent posts via Facebook, Twitter, or on their blog. The website is aesthetically brilliant, incorporating bright color, impeccable graphic design features, and witty sayings that add a touch of humor. These features are what attract consumers, and they are using it to their advantage. Due to the fact that their website alone is both organized, and uniquely designed, consumers are bound to look more into Whole Foods other social media sites.


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