Coca-Cola and its Social Media

Would you believe it if I told you a man created a Twitter account for his 180th birthday?

Doc Pemberton turned 180 years old on July 8th and tweets one to two times per day. Well, it’s not actually Doc Pemberton tweeting, it’s an employee working for Coca-Cola who is developing a fresh marketing campaign for one of the world’s most popular brand names. This Twitter account is actually based off of the man who invented Coke. They have been using his name and image to promote the company by tweeting whimsical thoughts and ideas such as this:

Coke has taken their marketing to an entirely new level. They have created a Twitter account choosing the alias of their (not so well known) inventor and created a successful campaign out of it. This account has over 82,500 followers.

It’s no surprise Coke is still afloat even through the spiraling downside of the economy. The campaigns and marketing techniques are on point and sure to leave an impact to its potential consumers.

Coca-Cola builds their largest vending machine ever and places it in London for the 2012 Olympics. In Doc Pemberton’s time, nobody would have known about this except for the people in London at that time. In today’s age of social media, Coke uses YouTube to further inform the world’s population of their newest invention.

This video has over 44,000 views! The concept of an oversized vending machine attracting this much attention is breathtaking. Again, thanks to social media, but it doesn’t stop there…

Of the Top 10 Brand Names, Coke has the…

  • most Facebook “Likes”
  • most talkability 
  • second highest weekly growth rate
  • second highest monthly growth rate

*Statistics gathered from

To top it all off, Coke is now working with Spotify to integrate music on their Facebook page which now has over 50 million “Likes.”

They have also developed Spotify and Coke branded apps. Did you know there are over 5,000 conversations per day about Coke with just social media?

Coke believes its success in social media is due to its seven values to “achieve sustainable growth online.”

  • Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Diversity
  • Quality

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