American Express + Social Media

By: Hilliary Hallman and Monica Longoria

According to Todd Wasserman of Mashable, American Express has moved from “virtually zero social media presence in 2009” to one of the current top dogs in social media. The card company has taken great strides to improve customer relations, and consequently, J.D. Power and Associates has ranked AmEx the highest in customer satisfaction for the sixth consecutive year as of last month.

In an interview with Mashable, Leslie Berland, SVP of digital partnerships and development, proposed that the two major factors contributing to their social media success were the introduction of Small Business Saturday and their promotion of Sync at SXSW.

AmEx on Facebook:

  • American Express currently has 2,590,182 “likes.”
  • The page has 67,417 Facebook users talking AmEx.
  • AmEx updates with relevant posts almost every day.
  • Most of the posts are exclusive offers, event promotion, or questions to engage customers.
  • AmEx utilizes Facebook apps, photos, videos, and events.

AmEx on Twitter:

  • @AmericanExpress currently has 544,668 followers and 15,235 tweets and tweets everything from exclusive offers to job openings.
  • @AskAmex has 22,996 followers and 50,224 tweets, and its purpose is solely customer assistance.
  • @OPENForum has 153,203 followers and 8,527 tweets and serves to provide “collective ingenuity of other business owners.”
  • Sync hashtags (ex: #AmexTommy) reward card holders with exclusive offers.

AmEx on LinkedIn:

  • American Express has 92,830 followers.
  • AmEx primarily uses the site to post job openings but posts about their product and services as well.

AmEx on YouTube:

  • AmEx has 11,689 followers, 694 videos and almost 19 million total views.
  • The AmEx YouTube channel offers viewers entertaining videos about lifestyle, not just a corporate message.
  • The channel is very active and has new uploads every week.

AmEx on Foursquare:

  • AmEx has built a network of over 65,000 followers.
  • AmEx first launched Sync with Foursquare in June 2011, which allows cardholders to sync their AmEx credit card with their Foursquare account.

    “We don’t have customers. We have members.”



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