Ford on Social Media

Ford Motor Company is an American owned automobile company. They sell automobiles and commercial vehicles under the Ford brand and luxury cars under the Lincoln brand. Ford has been on the market since it was created in 1903 and has recently entered into the social media world.

Ford on Google +

Interview with Scott Monty

Ford on Facebook

  • Their Facebook page has 1,608,281 likes and over 20,000 people currently talking about it
  • Through the company maintained page users can access a page dedicated to their favorite Ford automobile, linking products with the company
  • Through the page Ford has been linking up with other big name companies like Coca Cola and General Mills, this increases their reach

Ford on Twitter

  • Ford’s Twitter page has over 150,000 followers, and they follow over 30,000 users
  • Ford retweets a lot of users, and promotes the use of hashtags to encourage followers to join in on the conversation
  • Ford tweets a lot of photos and videos to get followers engaged, they also ask followers for retweets. (example: “Retweet if you’ve driven a @Ford truck this week”)

Keeping Everything Connected

  • The primary goal of Ford Social is to encourage interaction within the Ford community
  • This page can be accessed through Ford’s website and acts as a gathering place for all things social media
  • From Ford Social users can share stores about your Ford experience, submit ideas, view images and videos, and join in the conversation
  • Ford Social is full of articles and content that have Facebook comments and tweets attached to them

Chandler and Lauren


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