Short links for social sharing

By: Lauren Schneider and Drew Laing

Each of these services use different techniques to measure the social sharing impact of links and URLs. We’ve created a few short points on how to use each site and a few of the different tools each one offers. Shorten, share and track your links

-Sign in via Facebook or Twitter, or create an account

-Copy a long link and paste it into the box

-Tweet or update your Facebook status using the link

-Click on the Analyze tab to see the clicks on your links from the past 30 days

-Click Info Page to view results:

Other useful tools:

-Mobile optimization

-Sidebar Bookmarklet: bookmark tab that easily and quickly shortens links and provides access to your sharing settings and shows the measurements on your link. See here: by Stumbleupon

-Sign in with a Stumbleupon account

-Copy and paste a link into the box

-Gives a short and a detailed measurement report on each link

Other useful tools:

-Option to post directly from the site

-Option to schedule the post for later

-Very detailed analytics including: RTs, clicks, traffic, and views via Stumbleupon:

-Don’t have to have an account

-Copy and paste link into the box

-Click on “details” to view measurement report:

Other useful tools:

-Very detailed analytics report

-All analytics are public

-If you sign in with your Google account, you can view your past links and reports on each

These services provide detailed analytics on the links that you share. They can give you insight on where, when and how they are being viewed. You are able to see which postings were successful and which were not, giving you information on how to better post your information and get your content out there.

There are beneficial aspects to each service, but we decided that we’d recommend goog.le for every day use. This service is the easiest and quickest, and though it doesn’t provide posting from the site, the publicity and ease for viewing the analytics is really nice because you don’t need an account to sign in. If you are looking for something more complex and detailed, might be good as well.


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