ShareThis, AddThis, & Slick Social Sharing

By Jennifer Taylor and Riley Westmoreland


ShareThis is a free tracking and metrics program that has integration with Google Analytics.  Through their Share Analytics program, users get really good and comprehensive charts and graphs that measure shared content, and that provide social channel reports, detailed URL share states and social network stats.  It provides very specific and detailed information, such as which social networks drive the most sharing and which content was shared most.

There are five main types of information that ShareThis features, a Summary page, Most Shared Content, Social Channel Report, Detailed URL Shared Stats, and Social Network Stats. On the Summary page, users can see shares, clicks, page views for a certain time period, along with a list of on which social mediums the most sharing occurred, who is sharing the most, and where the sharing occurs in terms of geography.

Most Shared Content displays, well, the content that was shared the most. The number of shares, clicks from shares, and page views to the site from sharing are also included. Social Channel Report lets you know how your content performed on various social mediums in driving traffic to your site. You can compare each channel side by side to see which outlet is best for your needs.

Detailed URL Shared Stats shows how and where a URL was shared, including how many times it was shared in a certain time frame. Social Network Stats allows users to select a particular social medium and see how your content performed on that certain site.

ShareThis seems to provide a very comprehensive picture of a presence on different social media sites, and how content is being shared.  ShareThis seems to be a pretty robust system that offers a lot of different information in an easy to understand and professional way.



AddThis allows users to add buttons to their site so that content can easily be shared on social media sites. It allows buttons for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It even has functions so that mobile and app developers can use these tools. All AddThis features are friendly for touch screen and work with iOs and Android, and all services are free.

AddThis has a lot of analytics that can be used by customers, especially considering that it is free. It provides up to the minute information about shares, social traffic, top search keywords and text copy tracking. AddThis claims large corporations such as msnbc, USA Today, TMZ, and JetBlue as its clients.

Additionally, AddThis allows you to know who is sharing your content and what their interests are, all around the web. AddThis lets you know how your content is being shared on Social Media, lets you track email mentions on services like Gmail, and even know when visitors copy and paste your URLs into mail and IMs via address bar sharing.

We would most recommend AddThis, because of its mobile access and to the minute updates.

Slick Social Sharing

Slick Social Sharing allows users to add Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Buffer, StumbleUpon and Pinterest Pin It social media buttons to their website. They are available in either a floating or sliding panel. Users can see summaries of all their social metrics in the administrator social statistics page.

It gives you a complete overview and summaries of shares on your posts, pages and categories, but Slick Social Sharing provides the least amount of feedback to you as the user.  This is probably the platform that is best if you really only have a simple blog or something like that that you are wanting to keep up with. It is a great tool for those learning social media skills, but don’t have a large corporation or company to manage. With step-by-step instructions, it is simple to install and use, it just doesn’t offer as much as the other platforms can.


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