SEO Plugins for WordPress

Erin Shaw and I looked at how the All-in-One SEO WordPress plugin and others benefit WordPress-powered websites.

This brief video shows how to use the All-in-One SEO WP plugin.


This website points out that the All-in-One SEO plugin automates the SEO process, easy to use and install, in-built API makes it compatible with most WP themes and plugins and it avoids duplications.

Another website talks about the plugin being compatible with Google Analytics, allows optimization for each post/website, works for beginners and advanced (works right away for beginners or can be fine tuned for the advanced).

Easy WP SEO vs. All-in-One SEO 

Easy WP SEO analyzes the entire HTML document, while All-in-One does not. However, All-in-One WP SEO is the most popular WP SEO solution that can benefit a wide range of clientele due to its simplistic yet powerful design. The two plugins are approximately the same price. said about Easy WP SEO, “What this plugin will do however, is get you focused on the on-page elements of SEO. You’ll be prompted to think more about what you’re writing and how you’re formatting things in order to better optimize your page. Hopefully, this will lead to better rankings.”

XML Sitemap

XML sitemap is a file filled with every URL within a website and also metadata to go along with the URLs. It allows content creators the ability to tell search engines that is available on their website. Often a free tool that optimizes a search engine’s ability to “crawl” that particular site. Essentially it helps a website become indexed within a search engine.

An example of this is the free Google XML tool. WordPress said, “The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages as well as custom URLs. Additionally it notifies all major search engines every time you create a post about the new content.”


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