One Stop Shop

Hailey Rogers & Angela Duke

How many usernames and accounts have you created for all the different websites you use on a regular basis? Probably quite a few by now. Social Login APIs are the solution to racking up accounts, passwords and usernames.  API stands for Application Programming Interface.  In regular terms, it is what allows different sites to communicate with each other.  It is the means by which we can accomplish Social Login. What is Social Login, you ask? The video below (from Login Radius) gives a visual definition of the term.

There are a bunch of sites that offer social login services out there. Listed below is a sampling of those sites and which features each have to offer.


  • Allows for communication with multiple platforms at once
  • Obtain a standardized field structure for data recieved from any of the social networks
  • Saves time and development resources
  • Easily access and share data to and from social networks
  • Gathers rich demographic information from users
  • URL shortener tracks social posts and their referral traffic
  • Offers unlimited services for free during its current Beta stage


  • Social identity management
  • Maintain user information in a cloud database
  • User & on-site behavior data
  • Partner integration: user data can be applied to e-mail marketing campaigns, CRM platforms, product and content recommendation engines, or any other platform that can be enhanced with detailed user data
  • Helps target users and move relevant content
  • Used by over 500 enterprises, including ABC, FOX, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Verizon, Nike and more big name companies
  • Free Trials can be requested, but to get a price plan the Sales department must be contacted

Login Radius

  • Hosts 21 ID providers, including Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and other leading Social Media sites
  • Supports 9 different languages
  • Includes social analytics to help develop successful marketing strategies
  • Free to sign up and use


  • Realtime comment tracking
  • Creates live conversation: notification and reply system lets people know when they have responses
  • Mobile compatible
  • Has analytics add-ons
  • Used by Fox News, CNN, Time and many other companies

Live Fyre

  • Easy to login, share, tag friends and comment
  • Allows access to users’ entire social networks
  • Free to join community, plans and pricing available for professional use

Intense Debate

  • Focuses on social comments
  • Threading comments, notifications for replies
  • Allows users to reply and comment via e-mail
  • Easy to install and use


  • Automatically detects comment and trackback spam
  • Most popular on WordPress
  • Saves sites from spam, which brings down page rank and SEO
  • Free for personal use, plans and pricing available for commercial use


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