Conversocial: The Traffic Cop of Social Media


So, you’ve established your Facebook and Twitter presence for your organization.  You know you need to listen to your customers, but it’s hard to listen to what they’re saying while having to constantly maintain your platform.  With all the new changes and the amount of times you have to post a day to stay at the top of someone’s radar, it’s no doubt you are bound to miss your fair share of conversations with your audience.
Well, Conversocial is your answer!  Conversocial is a listening platform that organizes your Twitter and Facebook feed in an easy-to-read, easy-to-organize fashion. It allows you to organize your interactions, assign them to the appropriate customer service representative, and never miss an opportunity to improve the customer experience.  Other Benefits include…
  • Prioritization: Through a filtering process, Conversocial sifts through what is really important through general noise.  It also flags a comment as a Customer Service request if applicable it too can be easily processed.
  • Quick Processing: Consolidated listening platforms allow for less scrolling and more listening.  Customers can process up to 100 messages an hour!
  • Conversation History: Easily access each customer’s conversation history to track their needs and priorities.
  • Advanced Publishing: Schedule your posts or tweets to publish at optimal times.  Basically all you have to do is tell Conversocial what to do when, and it does all the hard work for you!
  • Engagement Analytics: Measure what social media tactics are working through metrics and analytics always readily available from Conversocial.
  • Sentiment Tracking: Track satisfaction and measure success easily…this one is good to always have on hand to present to the boss.
Here’s a snapshot of what the hub spot would like for a Conversocial customer:
The free version of Conversocial is built for a single social media manager and is a perfect way to organize and prioritize customer service efforts on Facebook and Twitter if you are just starting out in a new position or internship. Through its “Priority Response Engine” Conversocial is able to categorize posts by their sentiment and determine the urgency. This will ultimately lighten your work load of sifting through post after post trying to figure out where to jump into the conversation!

Through the single user account you are able to deliver quality service by listening then engaging and potentially make a one time customer into a repeat customer. You do this by changing the customers perceptions of the company in a positive way through efficient and effective customer service. Conversocial also helps streamline your social media channels’ output by categorizing all comments and sentiment so your company can post about a specific topic or idea in a relevant way and add value. You can check out the portfolio of customers on their website and see first hand what great things can happen when you listen and respond to customer feedback.

Setting up an account with Conversocial is and easy and simple way to monitor the content generated about your company on Facebook and Twitter while categorizing and prioritizing issues and concerns that may arise. Your boss will thank you for making online customer relationship management so easy!

Kelly Ray & Erin McGuire


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