We like ‘Likify’: How this new social media tool is improving engagement

What is Likify?

You’re walking through the mall just browsing the window displays one afternoon with your friends. You come up to the Sephora (or Foot Locker for you guys) and you see a code on one of the posters. Curious, you pull out your iPhone and scan it. The code takes your to a page where you can ‘like’ the store. Why not, right? So you like the page and all of a sudden a discount pops up on the screen so naturally, you enter the store and reap the benefits of participating in the new social media tool, Likify.

Likify allows consumers to connect to social networks through individual products. No longer do we have to log into our social media platforms to find the products and brands we like, but we can simply ‘like’ by scanning the Likify code, similar to a QR code, with our mobile device.

By making the ‘liking’ process quicker, easier and more interactive, the likelihood of engagement increases, allowing your product to be spread even farther across multiple social media platforms.

Consumers can share products in the following ways:

  • Like on Facebook
  • Share on Facebook
  • Reply on Twitter
  • Add as friend
  • Attend event

How can you use it?

  1. First, enter details to generate the Likify code.
  2. Select social media actions that will be available to the person scanning the code.
  3. Track activity such as likes, shares, influence generated by Likify.
Example of how Likify tracks engagement.

Businesses can customize their Likify landingpages by:

  • Design your own home screen with your company’s logo and personal graphics
  • Add a short explanation for your customers who scanned the code
  • Add a YouTube movie to your landingpage to enhance the experience
How you can optimize your Likify landingpage.

Who is using it?

  • EA
  • Nike
  • Sephora
  • House of Blues
  • Carved Records
  • Social Local Media

See how they’re using it here.

Ali Thurwachter and Josh Sizemore


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