Writing Social Media Plans


Your start by identifying your objectives and your audience(s). Who are you trying to reach and why? What is it that you want to accomplish through social media? In strategic planning, objectives are the outcomes that you want to achieve.

Strategy is the “how.” How will you achieve those objectives in relation to your audience(s).

Tactics come next. These are the specific “whats” that you will use. These are the social networks or platforms that you plan to use for content sharing and engaging with your target audiences (i.e., content marketing).

An editorial calendar or content calendar is essentially the bridge between strategy and tactics. The calendar helps you stay on track so that everyone knows his/her responsibility, everyone knows what type of content you’ll create and share and target dates for executing the plan.

What will you measure to determine whether you are meeting your objectives?

Here are more resources (beyond those I’ve shared throughout the semester, in class, via this blog or handouts, etc.)

Social Media Plans: The Big Picture (post is titled: “How to Fix A Broken Social Media Plan”, but it’s really about what goes into a social media plan). It gives you the big picture, but not a lot of details.

10 Things You Should Include in a Social Media Plan by Mike Sweeney from Social Media Today. As Mike points out:

 If your social media plan does not revolve around some type of content calendar, your message—and your social media plan—will fall flat at best, and fail at worst.

What Does a Social Media Strategy Look Like?

How to Write a Social Media Plan in 8 Steps: This one isn’t identical to how I described how to set up the plan document in class, but this approach calls for all the same content.

How to Create a Social Media Plan for Companies that Already Have a Customer Base — Scott Bradley drills down to elaborate on each step in the process, including an emphasis on how to integrate with an existing marketing plan.


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