Twitter + LinkedIn=Quora

What is Quora?

Quora logo

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Quora is a social forum that allows users to ask and answer questions from any topic that can vary from food, fashion to branding. Users can search for different topics to follow and can “vote up” or “vote down” the answers to each question, creating a list of the most popular answers. It uses activity from Twitter and Facebook to suggest questions. When done well, Quora can be a great way to engage in customer service without spending a dime.

Quora is a combination of Facebook (news feed, profiles), Twitter (followers) and LinkedIn (sharing experience/expertise) that is user-regulated.

Ways to increase your brand:

1. Follow topics in your industry:

  • Become an active participant in topics throughout the industry to raise profile
  • Important to follow competitor companies; good way to learn about target customers
  • Quora popularity hinges on expertise, quantity and quality of answers given; must keep the flow of questions and answers alive, all interconnected
  • Must be as interactive as possible; question-and-answer nature of Quora demands it
  • Being helpful is key to success; helping others in the industry is important
  • Create a new board to share content; upload outside links, share topics, group questions, etc.

Quora questions

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2. Search for potential leads:

  • Pay attention to top questions and top followers
  • Quora allows users to see who specifically is following what question; makes it easy to get leads to reach out personally and tailor the questions/answers to the individual by suggesting questions to follow
  • Since topics can be brand-based, companies can search for their product name to see what people are asking about and respond accordingly; if “Why did M&Ms discontinue Crispy M&Ms?” is popular, that company might want to respond accordingly

 3. Prove that you really have the most insight:

    • Demonstrating credibility is key- high profile is necessary to stay ahead of the game and is the difference in attracting hundreds of potential customers
    • Ask questions yourself- the timelier and more specific to the industry, the better
    • Follow and interact with other experts in the industry- good way to establish credibility
    • Avoid spamming the feed; don’t over-reach and look invasive
    • Only answer questions that you have extensive knowledge of; answering too many questions before doing research can damage credibility

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2009-2011 Quora users

  • Quora uses a credits system to gain prominence for yourself and your questions/answers. One uses credits to ask questions, promote their content or ask someone else to answer a question. Users gain credits by getting content approved or voted up, and each question. 500 credits are given from the start and regularly refresh themselves.
  • There’s even a marketing page on the Quora site that offers advice to potential marketers. Highlights include: answering your own questions first, tagging as many topics relevant to yours as possible, and finding/answering similar questions to yours

Prezi Presentation– link to the presentation on how to use Quora as a marketing and professional branding tool.


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