by Courtney Rogers & Angela Duke

–       Foursquare is a “free app for your phone that makes the world easier to use.” It is a location-based social network that doubles as a game. It recommends nearby places that you and your friends like to use.

–       Used millions of times a day by individuals, venue owners, and brands.

  • Mainly for:
    • Finding new restaurants
    • Meeting up with friends
    • Visiting a favorite boutique
    • Chronicling and sharing adventures 

–       Mayorship

  • You become the “mayor” of a location by having the most check-ins within the past 60 days.
  • This encourages users to check-in and makes a game out of foursquare.

–       Case Study for a Business

  • History Channel
    • Uses Foursquare to encourage exploration and discovery of historical venues.
      • The History channel leaves tips at historical landmarks and sites.
    • Page picked up over 20,000 new followers within the first month.
    • Has remained one of the most popular on Foursquare.

–       Case Study for Fast food

  • McDonalds
    • One-Day Check-In campaign
    • Randomly selected 100 people who checked  and gave them $5 – $10 gift cards.
    • Saw major increase in foot traffic day of campaign.
    • Week after campaigns, checkins remained high.
    • 600,000 new fans and followers
    • 99% positive feedback.
  • Starbucks
    • Starbucks is one of the top brands using Foursquare.
    • In 2010, Starbucks rewarded customers who checked into 5 Starbucks locations with the “Barista” badge.
    • Starbucks is trying to go beyond coupons and discounts and offer things like invitations to special events, photo sharing, and participating in online reputation scores.
–    Jimmy Choo
    • Jimmy Choo had a treasure hunt promotional campaign on Foursquare in which customers who found the new Jimmy Choo trainers around London would check in. Winners had to find the shoes before they left the location and approach the representative to tell them that they are a Foursquare follower. The customer will then win a pair of the shoes.

–       Foursquare Badges

–       Integration of SinglePlatform into Foursquare

  • FourSquare integrated SinglePlatform into Foursquare desktop and Foursquare mobile website.
    • This brings over 250,000 menus and price-filtering options to users who look at restaurant venues on Foursquare.
    • This moves “Foursquare above locale-based review sites including Yelp, Urbanspoon and Google-acquired Zagat.”
Higher Education
  • Harvard awards special badges for students who check in to a certain number of locations. The university wants for the campus to engage with each other across the platform. They hope that students will create more connections with one another by doing so.

“Deep down Foursquare is a deceptively addicting game of collecting badges and mayorships. Because of this, it makes the game just so darn fun!  We love Twitter because it’s so simple and it’s easy to type 140 characters about something.  Well Foursquare is a whole lot easier than that; you simply click a few buttons and it tells your friends exactly where you are”


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