Mayo…not just a condiment.

Kelly Ray and I researched The Mayo Clinic and how they are utilizing social media to reach new audiences.  We learned that not only are they skilled in the health care industry, they seem to have a pretty extensive knowledge of the social media world.

Health Care and Social Media?

Mayo Clinic is a vital and increasingly credible example in the health care industry of an organization that is strides away from overlooking the importance of social media. By definition, Mayo Clinic is a non-profit medical practice and research group specializing in treating difficult patients.  Their innovative and effective treatments have awarded them a spot in the top rankings of US News and World Report List of Best Hospitals, as well as America’s “100 Best Companies to Work For.” Alongside the obvious exceptional services offered at Mayo Clinic, their genius use of social media has proved to be extremely profitable.

Advice from the Master

Their Social Media Chief, Lee Aase, shares that “For more than 100 years, the most important factor responsible for patient preference for Mayo Clinic has been word of mouth; satisfied patients telling their friends and neighbors about their experiences…or in our case it wasn’t a “prove the value in advance” situation. We emphasized that social media are just the way word of mouth happens in the 21st century.”

…And THAT they did. Their social media platforms now encompass (but are not limited to) Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Yammer, YouTube, and Blogger. After research, we can confidently state that Mayo Clinic has maximized their YouTube potential (with no intent of decreasing their efforts.) Videos range from serious, informational and researched-based videos concerning deadly conditions …to your not-so common topics, such as: “Tree Stand Safety.”

As if their obvious presence isn’t evident, social media metrics prove that Mayo Clinic knows what their doing.  With a Klout score of 97, their impact and ability to provide meaningful and applicable content is outstanding.

All for One, One for All

They have successfully combined their different social media platforms to better reach their audiences.  For example, the infamous “Know Your Numbers” Youtube parody is now the home page of their Facebook page, and is trending on Twitter (#knowyournumbers).  Strategically aligning their platforms has allowed them to maximize their promotions and brand awareness.

While most people view hospital systems as stingy with white walls, Mayo Clinic has managed to jump off the page by utilizing social media to engage, increase awareness, and create camaraderie with their current and potential customers.


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