AmEx Makes It Easy

 By: Jordan Gotfredson & DuBose Ratchford

American Express is all about social media. The global service company utilizes multiple platforms including: *Facebook, *Twitter, *YouTube, Linkedin, Foursquare and Google +. American Express has taken over the band wagon by becoming incredibly successful at reaching customers through its social media, and there are three specific types of social media on which they focus.

The first of these social media groups is Facebook: They use exclusive offers, events and experiences to capture customers attention. Individuals are able to join discussions that other cardmembers are having, share their personal stories and rally for their favorite causes. American Express Facebook page has over 2,391,252 likes with  7,501 talking about AmEx.

Next, American Express uses Twitter:!/americanexpressAccording to, American Express scored an 87.  “American Express has built a very large and engaged network through high quality, trustworthy content.”  Here’s a look at their 90-day activity: ReTweets: 17,000, Mentions: 14,000, Followers: 250,000, Following: 18,000. Their “True Reach”, or the number of people directly influenced, is 350,000. They have three Twitter accounts including: @AmericanExpress – which has access to offers, events, and experiences, @AskAMEX – AMEX customer care, at least five people who work daily to answer all Tweets, and @OPENForum – which offers the latest headlines, ideas, and insights

American Express also uses YouTube: YouTube has exclusive videos and behind-the-scenes footage where individuals can learn more about the programs by which Small Businesses help enrich the lives of their card members. YouTube is updated consistently, but not as frequently as Facebook and Twitter. American Express uses videos on their YouTube channel to cover many things including: Small Business, Music & Film, Travel & Dining, Fashion, & Sports. Here’s a look at some of their statistics: Channel Views: 2,818,426, Total Upload Views: 15,824,774, Joined: Apr 12, 2006, and Subscribers: 6,482.

The best of the best:

  1. Link Like Love
  2. Twitter/AmEx Partner
  3. Go Social
  4. Q&A with the CMO (John Hayes) 16 years with AmEx. He has a committment to using its global scope for service and has helped create multiple partnerships with social media platforms. His and Amex’s goal is to “create customers for life.” Hayes says that it is vital to “keep your finger on the latest trends and technologies. Look for new, changing ways to connect with your customers.” Newest update: making concerts by the hottest artists available through live streaming.

Simply put, American Express engages their customers, cares about the smallest of details, and influences as many individuals as possible. They prove themselves to be trustworthy due to their transparency and open interaction with customers, members, and the general public. Basically, social media has provided the venue through which all of this is possible, putting American Express at the top of customer satisfaction.


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