Success Nuggets

Here are lists of our takeaways about how these companies are effectively using Facebook.

Cheese & Burger Society

  • You can send your friends a burger from the page.
  • Links to Pinterest.
  • YouTube videos on recipes
  • Sweepstakes
  • Cheeseburger blogger photos


  • Utilizing Flickr, YouTube and Blogs
  • Engaging customers

 Banez Insurance Agency

  •  QR codes
  • Get quotes right from Facebook
  • Testimonials
  • For every Like, they will make a donation to the March of Dimes
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube


  • Weekly photo contests
  • Career tab
  • Utilize Twitter, Flickr and YouTube

 Toll Booth Saddle Shop

  •  Sweepstakes
  • YouTube
  • Deals section
  • Yelp page
  • Shop now link
  • Trivia on Tuesdays


  • Design challenges
  • Give Facebook fans the opportunity to vote on designs
  • Great customer support/FAQ

by: Erin, Dan, Molly & Angela


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