Facebook Marketing Takeaways

Cheese & Burger Society

1. Interacts with or likes other brands, especially other burger companies.

2. Constantly posting content from their own web site, pinterest, etc.

3. Quickly reply to and interact with users.

Idea Paint

1. Encourages fans to post their own photos and experiences to the facebook page.

2. Publishes content from other avenues such as the web site.

Banez Insurance Agency

1. Donate to March of Dimes with every “Like.”

2. Utilize bar codes for Facebook likes.


1. Weekly pet photo contests with user submissions.

2. Convinced Ali to “Like” the page right away because of the Cute Factor.

Toll Booth Saddle Shop

1. DVD and T-Shirt giveaways, coupons.

2. Trivia Tuesdays on Facebook.

3. Equestrian-related articles.


1. Post special promotional sales on Facebook.

2. Welcome user-submitted designs to be turned into T-Shirts.

3. Previews of new, upcoming designs.

Overall Takeaway: Each of these brands uses some unique feature to connect people to their content.  Instead of just constantly posting things, they welcome user suggestions and interaction.  All of these brands connect their various social avenues together.  The user always gains something unique by “liking” the page.

Josh’s Favorite: Threadless 

Drew’s Favorite: Cheese & Burger Society

Ali’s Favorite: IdeaPaint



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