Facebook Marketing Success Stories

By: Kelly Ray, Courtney Rogers & Hailey Rogers

A quick look at how some companies are using Facebook to promote their items.

Cheese and Burger Society

  • Connect to Pinterest
  • Send your friend a cheeseburger postcard via Facebook


  • Facebook page easily links to other elements, page is like a launch pad for other social medias
  • Questions tab 
  • Utilize images well
Banez Insurance Company
  • Allows for immediate sharing and recommendation to friends
  • Use videos, QR code
  • Playing to emotions with March of Dimes donations–for each donation they will donate to March of Dimes


  • Utilize pictures well–great slideshow & photo contest
  • Easily and immediately access photo competition, Twitter feed, etc.

Toll Booth Saddle Shop

  • Unique, 3D-esque front page with a $100 contest
  • Very specialized for the topic


  • Can add items to cart via Facebook page
  • Leader Board: interact and vote for your favorite design to be printed
  • T-shirt design challenges for Facebook users, among other contests for specific interests

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