Take-Aways from David Griner

Photo via Luckie&Co.

– It’s important to understand the difference between strategy and planning.

  • Strategy provides a vision, buy-in across the organization, systems and processes, accountability, room for growth and interpretation.
  • Planning provides content relevant to the strategy, a detailed schedule for outbound messages, realistic goals and benchmarks, opportunities to optimize and improve, peace of mind.

– In the professional side of social media, you HAVE to plan ahead, whereas with your personal social media accounts, you can post whatever comes to mind whenever it comes to mind.

– You can’t be dumb. You have to be very careful about what you post online so you don’t embarrass yourself and your client.

– Successful content isn’t about tricks and tactics. It starts with knowing your audience and constantly adapting to their feedback.

– Everyone has more than just one audience. You have to target all of them.

– When you find something that works, improve on it. Avoid the urge to replicate what’s already worked for you or someone else. Improve, Evolve, Experiment.

– We all learn from our failures, but it’s even more important to learn from your successes.

For more information about David Griner or Luckie & Co, click here.


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